Inclusion and Equity


Camp Belknap welcomes, supports, and celebrates all boys no matter their economic, ethnic, geographic, racial, religious, sexual, or social group.  We foster inclusivity, compassion, and selflessness and envision a camp where all identities, differences, and experiences are valued.

Camp Belknap is built on character, kindness, and community responsibility. We are an organization committed to social justice; to listening, learning, and condemning hatred, violence, homophobia and racism. We continue to work to strengthen our inclusion and community diversity. 

As an organization focused on leadership and youth development, Camp Belknap recognizes the importance of being a community that recognizes and celebrates diversity.  To support this belief, Camp Belknap’s strategic plan makes a commitment to our community and identifies the following key initiatives that are currently underway:

  • Maintain a camp that is both affordable (i.e., reasonably priced) and inclusive (i.e., open and accepting of campers and leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds).
  • Critically review our diversity and inclusion culture and develop an approach to ensuring that the Belknap experience will prepare boys for a global society.
  • Ensure that all boys, regardless of financial situation, have the opportunity to attend Belknap and feel welcome here.
    • Continue to subsidize the cost of a Belknap summer so that we remain below the average cost of comparable residential summer camps.
    • Continually monitor and be sensitive to annual tuition increases.
    • Grow Belknap’s scholarship program, and increase publicity of the scholarship opportunities that Belknap provides.
  • Expand local community services.
    • Engage with local school service providers and non-profit organizations to identify where Belknap may be supportive.
    • Develop consistent programming and services that meet the needs and enhance the communities of Tuftonboro, Wolfeboro, and surrounding areas.
    • Provide local community services that create leadership opportunities for youth locally.
  • Train our staff and educate our campers to promote a safe atmosphere where boys may be accepted and encouraged to be themselves.
  • Encourage an understanding of the Belknap Spirit while being respectful of an individual’s own religious traditions.

Camp Belknap’s Policy on Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Campers

Camp Belknap is an overnight camp serving boys.  For over a century, Belknap has invested in the benefits of a single gender environment to serve our mission of creating good leaders and citizens.  As such, we welcome children who identify as boys, and who are emotionally ready for Camp Belknap.

For further questions, suggestions, and concerns, please contact Seth & Stephanie Kassels at 603-569-3475 or email