Photo Tour

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    Conlon Lodge is our main lodge and is used for many activities. It is named for Belknap’s first residential directors.
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    The entire camp coming together at the Chapel prior to dinner to hear a non-denominational talk from one of our cabin leaders is one of our oldest traditions.
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    The interior of a cabin before all of the campers arrive.
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    Clark Field is our largest field. Campers play soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and Ultimate Frisbee here.
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    Our new Main Dock, built in 2015.
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    There is never a dull moment on Messer Field.
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    We have a variety of waterfront activities, including Swimming, Sailing, Canoeing, Kayaking, and Waterskiing.
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    One of the popular Cadet and Junior Kickball periods on Cadet Field.
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    Our Tennis and Basketball Courts are used for a variety of activities.
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    With our waterfront facing the West, there is never a bad sunset.
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    Our Climbing Tower is one of the more popular activities at camp.
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    Outpost Beach is a great, secluded spot to spend a Cabin Night.
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    A camper enjoying fishing during his free time with one of our islands, Little Huck, in the background.
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    Farm Island is a great spot for overnight campouts.
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    The Environmental Center is the hub for all of our nature based programs.
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    The craft shop is a great place for campers to develop their artistic side.