Photo Gallery

Many photos have been taken at Belknap over the years. It has been our quest to find and catalog these photos so that they can be enjoyed by Belknappers for years to come. Below is a link that will take you to our photo gallery. This is a work in progress and will be added to frequently as we gather the best photos that show what life at Belknap is like, so check back frequently.

To ensure that current and former Belknappers get sole access to the photo galleries, they are password protected. The password hint should clue any Belknapper to what the password is. If you encounter problems accessing the photo gallery, feel free to call camp at 603-569-3475 or email us at

Password Hint: What is the name of camp’s main lodge on the waterfront? (First letter is capitalized)

Click here to access the Camp Belknap photo gallery.

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      Timi-hi, Timi-ho, Timi-hi, Timi-ho,
      Bel-knap, Bel-knap it is just the place for me, boys!

      The Timi-Hi Song turns 100 years old this year!

      See our archives for more historical information.