Beyond Belknap

Welcome to Beyond Belknap. All of the content on this page was created during the summer of 2020 when Belknap operated virtually to engage our campers and staff. Please enjoy!

Vespers and Chapel

Every weeknight and Sunday night during Beyond Belknap, we are keeping the tradition of Vespers and Chapel alive for you all to enjoy.  This page will serve as a compilation of the Leader talks that will be presented this summer, so check back every day.

We know that Belknappers are used to listening to these talks in the grove, but we encourage you all to find a quiet spot where you can listen and reflect.

7/5 Chapel – Pete Marshall

7/6 Vespers – Jack Carroll

7/7 Vespers – Matt Arrix

7/8 Vespers – Ryan Trotzky

7/9 Vespers – Jack Reaney

7/10 Vespers – Mitchell Lockwood

7/11 Vespers – Matthew Harrison

7/12 Chapel – Nathaniel Klein

7/13 Vespers – James Core

7/14 Vespers – Henry Tantum and Jackson Cruger

7/15 Vespers – Jack Theberge

7/16 Vespers – Fox Hayes

7/17 Vespers – Flynn Erickson

7/18 Vespers – Jackson Frampton

7/19 Chapel – Colin McKay

7/20 Vespers – Alex Karpawich

7/21 Vespers – Jackson Savage

7/22 Vespers – Jay Pier

7/23 Vespers – Ned Flanagan

7/24 Vespers – Patrick Burke

7/25 Vespers – Gavin Erickson

7/26 Chapel – Brian Gould

7/27 Vespers – Harrison Flagg

7/28 Vespers – Zach Trotzky

7/29 Vespers – Charlie Tantum and Dacha Thurber

7/30 Vespers – Lucas Hamilton

7/31 Vespers – Quinn Ebben

8/1 Vespers – Camper Vespers Festival

8/2 Chapel – Will Ayscue

Second Candlelight 2020

First Candlelight 2020


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      Permission is required to visit Camp at this time. Please click below for more information about Belknap's Site Safety Plan.

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All communications related to COVID-19 and plans for summer 2021 will be posted here.

Pre-Arrival Requirements

Belknap will provide a checklist for families to follow 2 weeks before arrival at camp. Belknap plans to include at least the following as part of the pre-arrival checklist: low risk pre-camp behaviors including list of what activities to avoid, symptomatic screening, testing, and travel recommendations.

Packing for Camp

Belknap will post an updated equipment list here that will include COVID specific needs such as masks.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Belknap plans on coordinated efforts to minimize exposure and risk on these high traffic days. Families will be made aware of exact pick-up and drop off times and procedures for campers and guardians. Information will be posted here.

Camp Life During COVID

Belknap’s mission remains unchanged. Belknap is working on modifications to the property/facilities and program in 2021 to enhance safety and still preserve the core principles of Belknap life. The pictures below will be updated as we make changes around camp.

  • Cabin Fans
  • Hand Washing Station
  • Screen Doors
  • Cabin Fans

    Fans installed on cabin to improve airflow.

  • Hand Washing Station

    Outdoor hand-washing stations installed around camp.

  • Screen Doors

    Screen doors on every cabin will improve the airflow in living quarters.


Masks for campers and staff will be a part of Belknap’s plan for preventing introduction and spread of virus at Camp. Belknap will be providing more information at a later date about type and number of masks to pack for camp. Please note that campers and staff will be unmasked for sleeping, eating, showering and swimming.

COVID Testing

Camp Belknap plans to use COVID testing as a part of our 2021 plan for entry and admittance to camp, diagnostic (symptoms) and ongoing monitoring, The timing, type of testing, and logistics are being reviewed and will be announced as decisions are made. Types of tests and criteria for their use are continuing to evolve and we want to ensure that we are implementing best practices.

Response to Positive Test

Working with Belknap’s medical advisory group, we are developing a detailed plan for the potential of a symptomatic individual and/or positive test at camp. This plan will include isolation, quarantine, contact tracing, and care of campers/staff.


Permission is required to visit camp during the non-summer months/“off season.” Please click below for detailed information on visiting camp. When camp is in session, for the safety of our campers and staff, visitors will be strictly limited. Updated information regarding this policy will be provided here.

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Belknap Pledge

We are developing a pledge to ensure compliance and a clear focus on keeping ourselves and each other safe. More to come on this!