Belknap Beyond

These are Wellness Cards, a family-friendly game that promotes connection and reflection for any venue, whether it be a sit-down dinner or a relaxed hangout with friends. In this deck, you’ll find questions like, “What was your high point of today,” or “What would be your superpower?”

Each person will draw a card, and the people around them will each give their own answer to the question. In this way, you get a better look into the thoughts and feelings of others, and maybe even your own! Once the question has been answered, allow the person to the left of you to choose the next one.

Of course, this game isn’t without dangers. Every so often, you may come across a “FREEZE,” or a category card. If one of these comes up, you have the power to assign your friend/parent chores if they fail the activity, whether that be doing the dishes or taking out the trash. Be careful, though — you’re at risk, too! If you miss a category (by saying something that has been said, or saying something outside the category), or get frozen and move, you are vulnerable to chore-giving!

The best way to play this game is at a table. Print these flashcards out, or use your phone to shuffle them. If you choose the second option, place the phone in the center of the table, and start moving through the questions.