Camp Belknap is an all-boys traditional overnight camp on New Hampshire’s Lake Winnepausekee. From age 8-16, boys return each summer to live together in a cabin with 9 other boys and their leader(s). The essence of the Belknap experience is to unplug, be surrounded and impacted by positive young male role models, and engage in a natural setting. Camp Belknap anchors boys in the present while still providing an environment for personal and moral growth for the future.

Belknap is a values driven camp where boys rise each morning to do their share of the work through cabin inspection and camp duties and go to bed each night to the sound of the live bugle. Campers have the opportunity to choose all of their activity programs daily.

Interwoven throughout the day, boys and young men encourage each other to be kind, be truthful, be brave and seek the joy of being alive. Brotherhood is felt as all campers come together for vespers, meals, and all camp programs around the fire and on the fields. A Belknap experience is one in which a boy learns individual maturity and community responsibility through the support of strong role models.

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