COVID-19 Parent and Camper Resource Center

Dear Belknap Family,

This spring, as the global health pandemic emerged in the United States, we made the difficult decision to close the camp.  The health and safety of our campers, families, and community guided us to this hard, yet necessary, decision.  Despite being closed this summer, our staff and Belknap families adapted to these circumstances and salvaged the summer through our remote engagement program: Beyond Belknap.

Now that the summer of 2020 is over, we are already looking ahead to prepare for next summer.  With everything we have learned in the past few months, especially the scientific understanding of how the virus can be managed, we believe it is possible to bring our campers and staff back together in the summer of 2021.  That being said, we have a lot of work to do to implement new safety protocols that will make the Belknap experience safe and possible.  Our first decision begins with an earlier registration date to allow us enough time to plan and prepare for the summer:


NOVEMBER 2, 2020 

Applications for the summer of 2021 are launching early this year!  If you have an age eligible camper(s), you will be receiving an email with more information soon.  If you have a new camper or if you never completed an inquiry for your camper (to be placed on the email list to receive an application and the updates leading up to the launch), visit before November 3rd.  Also, be aware that if you unsubscribe from our mailing list in the future, you will not receive an application or important updates from Belknap.

For session dates, please follow this link.  If you have any questions, please visit our website: or email

Thank you and Timi-Hi!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is camp doing to prepare for the 2021 camp season?

Belknap has a lot of work to do to implement new safety protocols that will make the Belknap experience safe and possible in 2021. Our first decision begins with an earlier registration date to allow us enough time to plan and prepare for the summer. Registration is occurring November 2nd. Additionally we have changed the two sessions to start on Sundays and end on Saturdays to allow time between. See the updated session dates here. More information about COVID-19 and 2021 at camp will be provided as we continue to learn more.

How do I participate in the Beyond Belknap Virtual and Remote programming?

The Beyond Belknap real time programming is complete for the summer at the end of August 2020.  If you would like to view some of the asynchronous content that is posted to the public, click here.

How did families share the news of Belknap cancelling 2020 with campers?

We understand this news may be very difficult to share and process.  We have prepared a handwritten letter specifically for your son, a copy of which will also come in the mail in the next week.  We hope this letter will help provide a starting point for a conversation.

In addition, Dr. Chris Thurber (“Thurbs)”, one of Belknap’s longest tenured staff and Psychologist, has provided additional resources to support conversations with your son.  You may access a handout here.

Did Belknap issue refunds for the summer of 2020?

Yes, Belknap refunded all camper tuition and registration fees for all enrolled campers.

How was the 2020 tuition refund policy administered?

Families of currently enrolled campers received a separate email on May 15th with information about the refund process.  Families also had the option to convert tuition payments into a tax-deductible gift to Belknap.

NOTE – After June 1, if your family did not complete the form, your tuition/registration refund was automatically processed.  However, if you still want to donate, even though we can’t convert your tuition, you can still give by visiting

What do I need to know about camper registration for 2021?

Campers who were enrolled on March 13, 2020 or later will be considered returning campers for the 2021 summer registration process.  However, campers will still have to register for 2021.  Please look for an email in September with information and registration dates for 2021.

What will happen to Senior Campers who are aging out in 2020?

We are committed to providing opportunities for senior campers in 2021.  All 16 year-old campers in 2020 will have the opportunity to return as senior campers in 2021.  The Senior Recognition process was completed online in July and those campers were identified in August.  We welcome those who did not receive the recognition to join us as campers in 2021.

Is 2020 Family Camp, Women’s Weekend, and other Fall programming still going to occur?

As of July 1, 2020, Family Camp and Women’s weekend has been canceled.  Participants have been sent a letter directly addressing cancelation and the refund process.  We look forward to seeing you under the pines in 2021.

How will our internal leadership program be affected by COVID-19?

The Co-Directors, with the support of the Leadership Director, are developing a promotion and staff retention plan for all staff.  We will provide opportunities for all of our current staff (LC’s through DH’s) to return in 2021.  The staff will be provided additional information as we progress into the summer.

Did you pay the Summer Staff even though Belknap did not run on site in 2020?

Yes, we will pay all year-round and seasonal staff and leaders in 2020.  Our staff will be engaged for the summer, supporting Belknap’s mission remotely.  Additionally, should camp have the opportunity to provide limited programming in late July, August, or September, the staff will be able to mobilize and return to camp.

What financial measures have you had to implement to refund everyone and pay staff salaries?

Belknap has implemented a variety of financial measures to bridge the loss of revenue and while continuing to pay staff salaries for 2020 including: reducing expenses, deferring certain capital projects, borrowing funds where available with attractive terms, accepting loans/grants from the federal government, using a portion of our cash reserves, seeking additional gifts from alumni and parents, and making a modest supplemental draw from our endowment.

Can Belknap survive a summer without camper tuition?

Yes, Belknap will endure. Belknap’s financial situation is strong, reflecting both the long-term and generous support of our donors as well as sound fiscal management. More specifically, in response to the potential disruption from COVID-19, Belknap has conducted the following:

  • We have frozen all spending except for salaries, health benefits and utilities.
  • We have applied for and secured funding through a combination of low interest loans and gifts to cover certain essential expenditures.
  • Belknap’s endowment is well-managed and could be available to provide additional support.

To help support Belknap, please visit

What were the management guidelines Belknap implemented to help guide a decision about summer 2020?

The Risk Management Committee, with support of the Board of Trustees, has outlined the following guidelines to support the decision-making process around COVID-19:

  • Safety is our first priority.
  • Understand and respond to the needs for our campers and their families.
  • Engage with and honor, as best we can, our commitments to our staff in hopes of retaining our outstanding leadership.
  • Be good stewards of Belknap’s financial resources and preserve our ability to provide the Belknap experience in the future.

Is camp currently open to visitors?

Belknap property is open to authorized visitors only at this time.  Permission is required. If you are interested in visiting Belknap, please click here for more information about our Site Safety Plan.

Is Belknap accepting phone calls and emails?

Yes we are. Our staff are currently working remotely and actively monitoring emails and phone calls.

COVID-19 Resources

The Belknap staff are monitoring several key, reliable sources of information about COVID-19:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Johns Hopkins University & Medicine Coronavirus Resource Center

ACA Camp Operations Guide Summer 2020