Belknap Leadership Program

The quality, character, and commitment of Belknap’s leaders are well known in the camping world.  Belknap leaders are grown from within. They have all have been part of our rigorous selection process and have spent two years of leadership training program as LC’s and LIT’s. Our staff averages over ten summers at Camp Belknap.

Camp Belknap endeavors to employ young men who demonstrate trainable leadership qualities. Belknap particularly values attitude, integrity, initiative, creativity, dependability, cooperation, and kindness. Leadership by example, or “LBE”, is the guiding principle of Belknap Leadership; a principle based on the belief that the most effective guidance for our campers and ourselves is a sterling example.

Belknap’s leadership principles at the cabin level are based upon four pillars.

Be Your Best Self. Belknap is a place where leaders act as role models for campers. It is paramount that leaders live according to the example they strive to set in spirit, mind, and body.

Less is More. Simple activities, thoughtfully planned and executed will provide campers with a quality experience.

Back to Basics. Attend to the details of cabin leadership such as cultivating personal responsibility, reinforcing good manners, and promoting a selfless work ethic. Additionally, seek out traditional camp activities with your campers, especially those that foster an appreciation for the natural beauty around us.

Be with the Boys. Leaders are integral to fostering Belknap’s brotherhood. Belknap leaders prioritize spending time with campers, knowing that nothing is more formative to boys’ development than their relationships with healthy male role models.

At Belknap we strive to ensure that it is always an honor to be a Belknap leader. We continue this tradition by emphasizing the impact a good leader makes on a boy’s life. Each leader is allowed flexibility and creativity to manage his cabin. We continue to assess whether our leadership traditions are healthy and productive, or need revision. We ensure that the leader selection process is always executed with the utmost integrity.

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