Strategic Plan

Sustaining the Joy

A Vision for Belknap’s Second Century

Camp Belknap’s strategic plan sets forth a ten-year vision designed to provide our community with a framework for protecting, preserving, and strengthening Belknap for years to come. It is our sincere desire that Camp Belknap continue as a safe haven for boys and young men; where they may live the Camp Motto and develop character and leadership skills, and where they may always seek the joy of being alive.

This plan begins by outlining and reaffirming Belknap’s mission. We then discuss 6 guiding principles that we have determined are critical for maintaining that mission, and specific goals that flow from each of these principles.

I. Honor and Strengthen Belknap’s Traditions

II. Develop the Mind, Body, and Spirit of All Who Interact with Belknap

III. Maintain Leadership Development as Core to the Belknap Experience

IV. Recognize Belknap’s Responsibility to Steward its Land and Facilities

V. Make a Commitment to our Community

VI. Strengthen Belknap’s Future

For over 114 years, thousands of campers, leaders, parents, grandparents, alumni, staff, neighbors, and friends have committed time, talent, and insight to Belknap. “Sustaining the Joy” reflects that passion and the love that drives it; a passion and love that will surely continue as Belknap enjoys its second century of developing the lifelong skill of leadership and demonstrating the value of good stewardship.