Kent Cruger

After a 20-year hiatus, Kent Cruger will be returning to Belknap for his 17th summer in the role of Leadership Director.

Kent’s first year at Belknap was as a junior camper in 1977. After 5 years as a camper, he entered the leadership ranks first as a Junior Leader, then continued as a Junior Division Head and finally oversaw the Leader Corps for six years. He counts as one of his greatest life accomplishments serving as Woodcraft Chief during his last two years at Belknap.

Kent received his BA from Cornell University and his MA in Education from the University of Colorado, Boulder. It was at CU Boulder in 1993 where Kent met his wife, Kim, and they have been in Boulder ever since. Their son Jackson spent 13 summers at Belknap, his final as the Senior Division Head. Their daughter Chloe is also a Belknapper, having spent 2 summers providing childcare for the Perreault children. 

Recently retired after 30 years as a teacher and elementary school principal, Kent currently works at Eldora Ski Resort on the Mountain Safety team. 

While it’s difficult to imagine anyone more excited than Kent to be returning to Belknap, it might be possible that Kim is even more thrilled to finally be spending a summer at Belknap. And, their dog Gus might actually wind up having the best summer of all the Crugers.